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Do You Ever Wonder What Would Life Be Like Without Hope?

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Do you ever wonder what would life be like without hope? It is a truly miserable experience for those that actually live like this. For some individuals, their emotional reality is one in which there really is no feeling of hope for the future. That level of mental despair is a paralyzing place that can drive people to addiction, depression, and ever self-harming or suicide. If things are never going to get better, why stick around another day? Another month? Another year? There is simply no point, or at least that is how they feel.

Hope gets people out of bed in the morning. They hope the weather’s nice. They hope the traffic on the way to work is smooth. They hope the DJs on the radio have good jokes and play great tunes. Even people who hate their jobs or do not care for them have hope. They hope there aren’t too many customers or phone calls or emails today. Maybe the annoying person in the next cubicle or the mean boss call in sick. Maybe the day will pass quickly and then they clock out and go home.

A world without hope is a world where nothing ever changes for the better. Even if things are kind of okay now, if things never change or only get worse, then life is somewhere between bad and boring. Even a life that looks okay but is boring is one that can drive people bonkers over time.

Hope is what makes people learn things, in school or on their own, with the idea they can be smarter about things and life in general. Hope for love and companionship drives people to smile at the opposite gender or strike up conversations with those they are attracted to.

Do you ever wonder what life would be like without hope? Try not to think about it. It’s a darkness of the heart like no other.